How to Dispose of a Dead Cat

When your beloved cat suddenly dies, it is a very hard day for you. But one day that is going to happen, and you have to think about this before time, planning before time will help you to avoid making hasty emotional decisions that you will regret later. 

There are many ways to dispose of dead cats, but you must know about your state laws as in some states, you cannot bury your dead pet in your backyard or the scattering of pet cremains. The local veterinarian or local animal shelter can help you to know about local laws about burying dead pets. 


Your veterinarian or local animal shelter can arrange a cremation for you. There are two types of cremation, one is communal cremation, and the other is individual cremation. 

Communal cremation:  In a communal cremation, the remains of a dead cat are cremated along with other dead animals and are disposed of according to laws. Usually, a communal cremation service will cost you $30 to $70. 

Individual cremation:  The remains of a cat are cremated, and the remains are returned to the cat's owner for final disposition. The charge varies, as do the costs of permanent memorial urns for pet cremains. Some people choose to save the remains of their pets from being buried with them when they die. In the USA, usually, you have to pay between $100 to $200 for individual cremation. 


If you want to bury your cat, you have options to bury at home or bury in the cemetery. 

At home: Most pet owners want their dead pet to be buried at their own home due to emotional attachment. There are some disadvantages to this method; for example, if the pet owner leaves the houses permanently remain, they will live there. This can be inappropriate if the pet owner is leaving in a rented home or shared home. Finally, this is prohibited by many state and local laws. Owners who bury their deceased cats at home may be in danger of fines or legal repercussions. 

In pet cemetery: Pet cemeteries are final resting places for animals, if you don't know where a pet cemetery is located in your area, your veterinarian will help you to find out. Check that the pet cemetery has set aside funds for the perpetual maintenance of the burial grounds and that deed restrictions are in place, guaranteeing that the grounds will always be used for pet burial.


This is not a suitable option for everyone. In taxidermy, some people may find immense comfort in having a permanent lifelike visual reminder of a cat they dearly loved in their home. Taxidermy is an expensive option; it will cost $1000 or sometimes more than this. Your veterinarian will help you to find a professional taxidermist. 

Pickup services 

Many mobile veterinary clinics or animal control services can visit your home to pick the dead pet for free. But if your pet passes on a holiday, late-night, or in rainy weather, they may not be available at that time. In this case, they will visit you the next day. 

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